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Swansea Physics Webinars - 12th, 13th and 14th May 2020
Twin Paradox, Prof Simon Hands. Tue 12 May.
With over 30 years of research experience in theoretical physics, Simon is the longest-serving member of Swansea’s lattice QCD group. He lectures both Nuclear Physics and Computational Physics and coordinates placements in local schools for students contemplating a career in teaching.
This talk covers one of the more striking consequences of the theory of Special Relativity starting from some basic facts about the nature of light. It uses fairly straightforward mathematics, some large, clear diagrams, and the help of Bob and Alice.

Black Holes & Holography, Prof Prem Kumar. Wed 13 May.
Prem is a theoretical particle physicist, specializing in the broad area of Quantum Field Theory and String Theory. His research sits at the interface of the physics of quantum fields, which describe fundamental constituents of nature, and gravity, which describes the structure of space and time.
Prem will describe some of the mysteries of the physics of black holes, and how they are shedding light on the structure of spacetime and revealing amazing connections between different areas of physics in ways that we could never have imagined!

Antimatter at CERN, Prof Niels Madsen. Thur 14 May.
Famous for its high energy physics programme and the 29km long Large Hadron Collider, CERN is the world’s largest laboratory for particle physics and a beacon of international collaboration.
Swansea Physics is part of a programme that studies the properties of an elusive atomic system called antihydrogen, an antimatter version of the familiar hydrogen atom. Careful probing of antihydrogen may reveal cracks in our understanding of the nature of antimatter and help solve fundamental questions about the nature of nature, such as why we’re here at all.
Niels will give a quick introduction to CERN and virtual tour of its antimatter facility before talking about the Swansea experiment. He’ll explain how and why we’re doing it and what’s in store in the future
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